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The Darke County Board of Developmental Disabilities website is in the process of being redesigned to better communicate the events and activities available to individuals and families being served by our agency. As this website continues to be developed, you will have the opportunity to view current news articles, participate in surveys, become familiar with staff employed by our agency, and learn more about the programs and services provided to individuals with developmental disabilities living in Darke County.

This website provides interactive opportunities to obtain input from community stakeholders. This input will be evaluated so that we can be responsive to needs in our community. Those needs may be in the area of community-based employment or volunteer activities that promote community inclusion. As we gather input regarding the interests of individuals we serve, we will match those interests and goals with the needs of our community - promoting individual choice in all activities.

As new features are added to our website, we will continue to update our home page. The Darke Board of Developmental Disabilities is excited to update our website to better meet the needs of our stakeholders.
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